llega el ejemplar de Collective Task 3 & 4 - !!! - publiqué un poema en él: no repetition devices, a list (escaneo no cabe) (copio texto de nuevo)

* Vivid color spectrum. Vagrancy
* Water into blood (דָם): Ex. 7:14–25. Wild animals, possibly flies (עָרוֹב): Ex. 8:20–32
* Yellow bile, black bile, blood and phlegm
* Approximate
* Boils (שְׁחִין): Ex. 9:8–12. Bacteria. Blue
* Continuous uninterrupted duration
* Dyslexia, analphabetic diffraction
* fluency-Dis, analphabetic diffraction
* Infinite unlimited edition
* Joy
* Light between branches between seconds, 00:01,00:015,00:0157, ... morning.
* No repetition devices. A list
* Orpheus's gesture
One of the magical properties that this wand can roll is increased damage percentage
View source for Gesture of Orpheus
He twists traditional interpretations of the myth by making * of turning around to look at her not a stupid act of insecurity and failed faith, but a
In this sense, * is a figure for mourning itself, and it almost appears as though the permission the gods have given Orpheus to enact a singular
If it is going to be successful, however, the poem has to repeat
* and make us hear the growth of the tree. To prepare our ears
decisiveness, initiative—are absent, and instead he insists on the “lightness” and irresponsibility of
*. Moreover, the transgression is situated
I gave up looking for a better one... mine is around 1500 dmg , ch dmg (around 100) and APOC (
orpheus gesture) The best chantodo's I've
H.D. presents the myth instead through the anger, disappointment, and resentment of Eurydice, who sees
* as a destructive carelessness if not
* Plagues. Almost all. Proliferation
*A quasiperiodic crystal, or quasicrystal, is a structure that is ordered but not periodic. A quasicrystalline pattern can continuously fill all available space, but it lacks translational symmetry
* Riots
* Sand. Sadness. Sad sand swarms
* Thunderstorm of hail and fire (בָּרָד): Ex. 9:13–35
* Unrest. Unrestlessness.
* Untranslatability. Noun (uncountable).
   Synonym: Untranslatableness, Intranslatability.
   Antonym: translatableness

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